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Will Qualifying for Boston get me to Kona?

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  • “The Descision” was at first a subconscious one – then it became very conscious.  It happened some time last summer.  I was planning on doing another full Iron Distance Triathlon(the same one I did the year before), but a few weeks before the race, I knew I had not put in the work to accomplish my goals at the race.  I decided to drop to a 1/2 Iron Distance Triathlon.  At the time, it was an agonizing decision but, looking back, I know it was the right one.

    This was not “The Decision” though.   The decision would come a couple of months later, as winter approached, and I started getting into skiing and hiking mode.  I decided that I WAS PUTTING THE KONA DREAMS ON HOLD.  🙁  I decided this, because the amount of time required to train for an Ironman is so great, that between working, training, being a father, dating and just living my life, it left no room for other activities that I love.  There is no way I can do much skiing or hiking if I am focused on qualifying for Kona.

    So for the past few months, I’ve just been running.  I’ve made some more big changes in my life (see my other website if you are interested in reading about them).  I have started volunteering with a charity and I decided to couple my love for running with my charity work.  I started a challenge called run SKRAT run in which I am attempting to run 650 miles in only 120 days.  I know to some, that is not a lot, but I only ran 76 miles in January, and I need run 135 per month for 4 months to reach this goal.  I started February 1, and so far it is going good.

    This charity run is requiring me to really log the miles, and my running is improving rapidly! Because of this, I decided that I was going to Boston Qualify this year.  The Qualifying Time for my age group is a 3:15 marathon.  I am confident I can get there.  The question that has been on my mind lately is – will qualifying for Boston get me to Kona?  I think there is a good shot – because my swimming is strong (I can swim a 1:10 ish with only 2 days of training per week) – and my cycling is strong and with very little focus on it, I’m sure I can get to a 5 hour bike.  If I have a regular marathon time of 3:15 – is a sub 4 hour IM marathon unreasonable?

    It looks to me like with a little focus (after reaching Boston) – I will be able to shift my focus to triathlon and take a run at Kona also.  Kind of funny how not focusing on something might lead to me achieving what I decided to put on hold.

    We’ll see, but just the thought of a BQ and a KQ in one year sounds like one hell of a year to me!

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    1. NUFCrichard says:

      Your best case scenario of 1:10 + 5:00 + 4:00 gives you a 10:10 IM, without transitions. That won’t get you a Kona spot unless it is a nasty course you do it on.
      BQ is no where near as difficult as KQ, not even the same league. I am a fairly new runner but should be BQ standard this year, I will never ever KQ!

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