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What a difference!

  • I have been really focusing on my riding power for the last few weeks. I do not own a power meter, so I have been focusing on my RPE and really paying attention to how certain effort levels feel. I have been very aware of how sore my quads are getting, and I am tuning into how long I can maintain that level of soreness.

    This is a new approach to cycling for me. In the past, I have focused on not getting too sore, and saving my energy for the run. Now I want to increase my speed and my power on the bike, so I have changed things up.

    A couple of weeks ago, I did a 30 mile loop out in the country. As you can see, this is a very hilly ride (as are all of them where I live.)

    I ride this loop pretty regularly, but never really pay attention to my times. A couple of weeks ago, that changed. I noticed my times at certain landmarks, after certain climbs. I figured I would try to beat those times in the future.

    3 days ago, I was scheduled to ride 30 miles again. I really pushed it and sure enough, I beat my times from the ride a couple of weeks ago!  I was pretty happy with the results.  (see below)

    Yesterday, I was scheduled to ride 30 miles again.  I told myself when I left that I was not going to push it that hard as my legs were still a bit sore.  However, after my warm up, the legs felt great!  I decided to see if I could beat my times from 2 days earlier.  Take a look at the results below!

    Not to shabby huh?  4 mins faster – average speed up almost a 1 MPH – faster on every single lap – faster max speed AND THIS WAS WITH ALMOST AN IDENTICAL AVERAGE HEART RATE FOR THE RIDE!  Oh yeah, I also I beat my times at 2 of my landmarks that are both at the top of climbs!  I had way more power in the legs, and I felt great.
    I will be riding this high for a while.  Can’t wait until race day.  I only have 2 more build weeks then a taper week before my race.  I’ll keep you updated as to my race day times.

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