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First ride since getting snipped

  • Cycling in Gig Harbor

    First off, cycling in and around Gig Harbor, located on the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington State, is a dream come true.  The back roads, and views are second to none.  With all the hills come some great descents.  The drivers (for the most part) are incredibly cyclist friendly.

    To get a glimpse of why I love cycling in my home town so much, you can check out these Go Pro Video’s I shot on a couple of rides.

    1. Peacock Hill Decent
    2. My Favorite Drop!
    3. Tacoma Narrows & Point Defiance Park

    Cycling after a vasectomy!

    2 weeks ago, I reduced my risk of accidental babies by finally getting a vasectomy.  Of course the doctor said no running, no riding, no SEX for 2 weeks.  “Whatever doc”, I’m a triathlete!

    I waited as long as I could to run, and to bike.  I lasted 9 days before running, and waited a full 12 days before cycling.  The sex ummm…errrrrr…ummmm – let’s just say 2 weeks was NEVER going to happen!

    I was getting antsy.  I had to exercise.  I had to get my heart rate up so on Saturday, I went for a 5 mile run, Sunday I did an 8 mile hike (my legs were actually a little sore) then yesterday I ran 3 miles in the morning.  Yesterday afternoon, the weather was perfect for a ride and the road was calling me.  I decided it was time to really put “The Boys” to the test.  I pumped up the tires, threw on the cycling shorts and hit the road for what I promised myself would be an “easy” little test ride. Psshhhhh whatever!

    The RIDE

    The plan was to do a nice easy 10 mile ride.  Get in a 30 minutes or so.

    I road one of my favorite routes, and arrived at the left turn I should make if I was only going to ride 10 miles.  I thought “nah, I’ll just do 20”.

    About 5 miles later, after one of my favorite descents (not in any of the videos above), I approached “Orchard Ave”.  According to Strave – Orchard is a 7% grade.  It’s not very long, but damn if that’s not a tough climb.  I usually avoid it like the plague, unless I really want to challenge myself.  At the last second, I said “screw it” and hung a sharp right to tackle Orchard Ave.

    I BARELY MADE IT!  It felt great to tackle this hill, even if just barely, so early in my bike season. FYI – I’m running a 53/39 on my front and I think and 11/23 on the rear.  My easiest gear is a 39/23 – not exactly a granny gear!

    Then, at the end of Orchard Ave, I hung a right and got to do my favorite descent in this area (Video 2 Above).  After that descent, and a short steep climb, I get to descend a very windy section of these back roads that has spectacular views.  At the bottom of this hill – it’s time to climb again. The nice thing about this is that it’s the last bit of climbing and the next few miles are relatively flat, or have a slight descent – until you get to Peacock Hill (Video 1 above) which is my 2nd favorite descent in this area.

    All in all, I had an excellent ride.  I finished with 28.5 miles and ended up riding about 1:45 minutes in total.  it dawned on me that I REALLY LOVE RIDING my bike.  I planned on 30 minutes and 10’ish miles, and road 3+ times that amount.

    Oh yeah, just in case you were wondering (I’m guessing you’re not) – “The Boys” held up to the test just fine.  Time to log some serious miles!


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