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Tough (but correct) decision has been made.

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  • I have made one of the toughest decisions I have had to make.  I have decided that I will race a half, instead of a full, Iron distance triathlon at the Expedition Man Endurance Festival this year.

    This decision was incredibly difficult, because when I did my race schedule this year, I planned on doing the full.  I also had a full Marathon planned this year, and I was not able to compete in that either.

    The main reason for all the changes on the fly to my program is because of work.  This year, I had to go back into the work force.  Last year, I was self employed and worked out of my living room.  That gave me great flexibility in my schedule, and I had no problem fitting in all my training sessions.  Now that I have a commute, and I work 40+ hours per week, I have really struggle to have any consistency in my training.

    As tough a decision as this was to make, I know that it is the right decision.  I would rather be competitive at the 1/2 distance, than struggle through a full.

    I am still doing an Olympic distance on June 30th, and then I will round out the year with my half Ironman in August.

    Have you had to make changes to your race schedule?  How did you feel about it?

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    1. Joanne Baxas says:

      I think you know I have made that decision. It’s hard, I felt terrible, took me weeks to come to terms with it, I felt I’d let everyone down.

      Once the day came and went – I felt fine. no-one cared! Really it’s just a race…

      I know it’s the right decision. Go and do the half and kick its ass.

      next year – IM and Kona. I’ll see you there.

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