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My n=1 nutritional ketosis study criteria

  • Nutritional Ketosis “study” criteria

    Today begins another study on the effects of nutritional ketosis on MY body.  I achieved ketosis last year after switching to an LCFH diet for that exact purpose.  My primary motivation for getting into (and staying in) nutritional ketosis is for my heart health.  The benefits to my sports endevors are a side effect I did not foresee.

    I am excited to do this study as I’m starting out with a better baseline to determine the affects of a high fat diet on MY cholesterol numbers.  Since lowering my risk of a heart attack is my main motivation for doing this – I think it is very important to let you know that my opinions of cholesterol come from Dr. Peter Attia and his 9 part series on cholesterol titled “The Straight Dope on Cholesterol”.  If you have not read that – you should.  You will know more about cholesterol than your doctor when you are done!

    The goal is to achieve nutritional ketosis by way of a high fat diet and increase the number of large LDL particles while decreasing the number of small LDL particles.  Simple Right?

    My 2015 Ketosis Study vs 2014 Ketosis Study

    There are going to be a few differences this time around.  Actually a lot of differences.  For example- I purchased a Ketonix Sport to measure my blood ketones more easily.  I intend to keep track of my blood ketones every morning.

    I also plan to:

    • Keep daily food logs
    • Take regular body measurements
    • Check blood ketones more regularly than last time (daily)
    • NMR Lipid Profile every 3 months
    • Experiment with adding in various foods (occasional loaded baked potato, some fruit and other foods I don’t think are inherently bad)

    Check back often to track my progress.


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