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Low Carb High Fat update

  • The day after Christmas – I started my Low Carb High Fat Diet.  I hesitate to call it a diet, because I did not start eating this way to lose weight.  I had a couple of pounds I wanted to lose – but my motivation for eating low carbs, almost no sugar, and a lot of meat, eggs, cheese, whole cream, and above ground vegetables was to improve my cholesterol!

    I know that doesn’t make sense – but if you read the book “Cholesterol Clarity – what the HDL is wrong with my numbers?” – it will make more sense.

    According to the book – our bodies are designed to burn fat.  However, Americans have a diet that is extremely high in Carbohydrates, and low fat processed foods.  Fat is not the enemy – and neither is cholesterol.  I had my blood work done at the beginning of January.  I am doing this low carb high fat diet for 3-4 months, then going to have my blood work done again, and see how it affects things.  I will post the results here when I get them.

    Anyways – back to the reason for this post.  When I started this “diet” – I weighed 198 lbs.  I am 6′ 3″ tall.  The only area that I wanted to lose a couple pounds was my “spare tire” (but remember, I’m doing this “diet” for my cholesterol, not to lose weight).

    I am now a very lean 189 lbs.  I haven’t really changed anything.  I still run like I normally do.  I still workout about the same – I stay active.  The only thing I have changed is that I eat Bacon and Eggs almost daily for breakfast.  I eat Greek Yogurt with a few blackerries or blueberries from time to time, and I eat cheese.  I cook with butter or olive oil.  I eat a lot of meet and above ground vegetables for dinner.

    I thought that this “diet” would be hard.  That giving up carbs and sugar was going to be a challenge.  The surprising truth is, that is hasn’t been difficult at all!  I also thought that I would be lacking energy for working out and/or running.  I thought this because I used to think that my source of energy was the carbs and sugars in my sports drinks and power bars.  Turns out I was wrong about that too!  My energy levels are the same, if not better.  My run times haven’t suffered, and I feel great.

    I have cheated a couple of times in the last couple weeks.  The first was 2 weeks ago on a date.  At dinner – I ordered the salmon (which is fine) but I ate the potato’s.  Then 1 week later, I ate a lot of carbs while skiing.  I had a hamburger and slice of pizza one day, and a bowl of clam chowder the next day.  I also ate spaghetti.  I think that because I was skiing, I burned those carbs off right away, so it wasn’t a huge deal, but I did eat carbs.  I also drank a coke.

    The one thing I have noticed is that when I first cut the carbs and sugar, I was pretty emotional.  Everything made me feel like crying.  This only last 2-3 days, and I’m not sure it’s related, but I’m guessing it was because after I ate carbs on my ski trip (even though I think I burned them all off) – I was emotional for about a day after.

    The other thing I have noticed is that I’m much more motivated and driven, and I am much more focused on tasks – both professional and personal.  I suspect this is a result of cutting the carbs also (which naturally cuts out the gluten).  I believe this because of the book “Grain Brain – the surprising truth about wheat, carbs, and sugar – your brains silent killers.” and what I’ve learned in it so far about the effects of carbs, sugar, and grains on our brains.  I’m only 1/2 way through that book, but so far, it’s fascinating – and I highly recommend it.

    I will be starting a 40 day High Intensity Training program – in addition to my running.  This is in an effort to bulk up a bit.  I don’t want to be huge, just way more tones with a little more muscle mass.  I actually want to gain weight now!  🙂  I will keep you all updated as to my progress, and I will post a day one picture, and post additional pictures I a progress with my Daily “HIT”.


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