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Low Carb High Fat on the cheap

  • Low Carb High Fat on a Budget

    “Back in the day” I used to think that eating Low Carb High Fat would cost a ton of money!  I remember thinking that it has to be more expensive, since I’m now buying steak and fish instead of a bag of 10 frozen burrito’s for $5.00.

    I have since learned that it is not more expensive to eat a Low Carb High Fat diet primarily because you eat less food.  That said, the question still remains, can you eat Low Carb High Fat on a strict budget?  Well, I decided to find out (in part because money is a bit tight right now.)

    The Budget:

    I had $92 to spend on groceries this week – and that had to buy enough groceries to cook my LCFH meals for at least the next 7 days.  The first thing I did was hit Google and I started searching for “Cheap Low Fat recipes.”  I found a treasure trove of information and with that, I chose the recipes that sounded good to me.

    One of the things I noticed when doing my search was that people kept wanting specifics.  So, here is my menu for the week, with recipes and links.


    The Menu:

    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    Monday Bacon (4-6 slices) Salmon Patties (between romain lettuce, add onions (grilled in butter), tomato, homemade mayo, mustard) Baked Chicken (Whole)
    Eggs (3 over medium) “Mac” & Cheese
    Coffee (w/ coconut oil & heavy cream)
    Tuesday Bacon (4-6 slices) Cream Cheese Muffins Chicken Soup
    Omelette (4 eggs) w/ bacon, onions, tomato, spinach, guacamole on top, sour cream, salsa, cheese)
    Wednesday Bacon (4-6 slices) Chicken Salad w/ left overs from Baked Chicken LCHF Chili
    Eggs (3 scrambled – add bacon or sausage, cheese, sour cream
    Thursday Bacon (4-6 slices) Left Over Chili Hamber Patties (romain lettuce as buns)
    Eggs (3 over medium)
    Friday Bacon (4-6 slices) More Yummy Cream Cheese Muffins 🙂 Chicken Thighs (season however you like)
    Omelette (4 eggs) w/ bacon, onions, tomato, spinach, guacamole on top, sour cream, salsa, cheese) Broccoli (or peppers)
    Saturday Bacon (4-6 slices) Fat Bomb Smoothie – see my recipe here Italian Sausage Meat Loaf
    Omelette (4 eggs) w/ bacon, onions, tomato, spinach, guacamole on top, sour cream, salsa, cheese) Cauliflour Mashed Potatos
    Sunday Bacon (4-6 slices) Left over Meat Loaf Creamy Chicken
    Eggs Scrambled

    The Haul:

    Quite a haul from my shopping trip – Total Bill:  $89.21




    As you can see, I purchased quite a few groceries and I even chose a few Low Carb High Fat treats for the week.

    The takeaways from this experiment are that A) you will have to switch to frozen or canned vegetables, B) You will have to shop the “discount meat” section at your local grocery store and C) You won’t be able to buy the grass fed, naturally raised, organic versions of everything but I would still contend that even if you buy the Tyson Chicken and the discount beef, that is still a hell of a lot better for you than eating a low fat diet where EVERYTHING HAS ADDED SUGAR.

    While individual items on a low fat menu might be cheaper in the short run, you eat more of them, so your cost balances out and I would much rather eat the meals on this menu than the low fat garbage being touted as “healthy”.

    What are your favorite low fat meals on the cheap?  Please share in the comments.  

    A couple of footnotes:

    1. You could lower this bill even more by eating left overs for breakfast.  This would eliminate the cost of bacon
    2. I cook all my chicken in olive oil to up the fat content.
    3. For the salmon patty recipe, I just used salt, pepper, paprika and some onion powder for the seasoning instead of buying the Emeril’s Essence which has sugar and MSG in it.
    4. For me, “Lunch” is more of a snack around 2:00 p.m. as my coffe with full fat cream, and my large breakfasts always hold me until then.

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