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Trail running on my longest training run to date!

  • Today I did my longest training run so far! It was a total of 89 minutes and covered 8.2 miles. I know, that is a very slow pace, even for me – but let me explain.

    This was supposed to be 90 minutes, and was supposed to be at a fairly easy pace of RPE 2-3. (Rate of Perceived Exhaustion (see for further definition of RPE)) I am a member of a local running group, and one of the runners posted a trail run for today. I signed up.

    I have been to these trails before, but I forgot just how hilly they were! They were also very, very muddy. The first 50 minutes of this run was a trail run, up and down (seemed like mostly up) a lot of hills and through the mud. It covered a total of 4 miles @ a 12:39 pace. Not bad considering the hills and the mud. Believe me, even @ only a 12:39 pace, my heart rate was up. 🙂

    We finished at the car and 2 of the other 3 runners decided to run an additional 40 minutes with me. They are both younger and faster than I am. We kept the street run on the flat, and we ran 4.2 miles in 39 minutes for a 9:17 pace!

    Very good run, and I feel if I had done the flat the entire way, I could have ran even longer. Those hills were sure a good workout and I love getting muddy.

    I suppose the lesson from this would be to vary your runs. Make them fun, so you will not burn out on them. Not to mention – I think the hill training will come in handy some day.

    Good luck in your training. Please share your successes in the comments and don’t forget to show some social media love.

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