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Lesson learned (the hard way) – the importance of nutrition while training.

  • Last week was brutal! I was shocked, because the week before was incredible. I repeated the previous weeks workouts, but after my long run (on the same trail), I was more sore than normal and my time was 3 minutes + slower. WTF? I thought I was progressing?

    The next day, I was sore, and I needed about 2 days to recover from that run. Normally, I am fine, and even the prior week, I was fine the next morning.

    After a lot of commenting and searching on the forums over at – I realized that I had eaten like crap that week. I also had drank my first beers in about 6 weeks at the start of the week when a friend invited me out for drinks.

    So, my nutrition, which is not perfect but not horrible was all out of whack.

    Sunday I did 90 minutes on the spin bike. Immediately after, I met my friend, and ate a big cheesburger and french fries thinking “I earned this”. Then I drank 3 pints of beer with my friend.

    Monday my legs were sore. I was very confused by this. They are never sore. I now realize, Cheeseburgers, Fries and beer are not good recovery foods. I usually eat a powerbar and drink a big glass of milk. Then I will have a healthy turkey sandwich.

    Tuesday and Wednesday, I was pretty sore. Wednesday night, I ate fried chicken and cole slaw for dinner. Again, I haven’t had fried chicken in a long time, so I thought “I deserve this.” Thursday was long run day, and my thighs were mildly sore at the beginning. They were really sore at the end, and so were my Achilles tendons and my calves.

    Lesson learned! Never recover with 3 pints of beer and a giant cheesburger and fries. It will throw you off all week. Oh – and don’t throw in Fried chicken the night before a long run. It sure is easy to jump off the wagon. I won’t be doing that again before my race.

    Share you nutrition fail stories below.

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    1. Harold Liles says:

      There will be good weeks and bad weeks. Reward yourself and visualize the goal constantly, The Finish Line. Don’t know if you are at the point of nutrition for the loner rides yet but INFINIT is awesome. I tried many types and kept comming back to this one.

      Here’s a thought, Im former military so I thought of this often, when you are out on the bike or a long run and your legs are beat and you are dog tired remember there are 19 y/o kids in 70 pound gear that would love to be where you are….picture that, then push harder!!! Now go train!

      • Muskrat37 says:

        Thanks for the words of encouragement. I like the idea of thinking about those soldiers that would love to switch places with me. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I am doing – sore legs or not. 🙂

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