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LCHF – 2 month update

  • In case you missed it – I started an LCFH (Low Carb High Fat) diet after reading “Cholesterol Clarity – what the HDL is wrong with my numbers? by Jimmy Moore.  I started this on 12/26/13.

    I have to admit – I have cheated a couple of times.  Not so much because I was craving carbs, but more because of the convenience (or inconvenience) of ordering without carbs.  Or because I was out with friends, and I just really wanted a beer, instead of a glass of wine.

    I have had a couple nights, after consuming plenty of red wine, that I just said “fuck it” and nuked a hot pocket, or made macaroni, but for the most part, I have stuck to this “diet” very well.

    What I have noticed (especially in hindsight) is that I FEEL MUCH BETTER when I don’t eat carbs! I am not just talking physically, I’m also talking emotionally.  My mind seems to be more clear, I don’t seem to dwell on things as much, and I am just generally a happier person when I don’t consume carbs.

    I have known for a long time that I turned to food for comfort when things in my life get stressful. What I know now is that my comfort food has gone from being Big Macs, to being Carbs!  Kind of funny how that works.

    Well, I have had a couple of rough weeks (girl issues), and I found myself starting to repeat very old habits that I thought I had kicked!  I was drinking more than normal, and I “cheated” on my LCHF diet.  The same type of behavior I exhibited before my life changing transformation and journey into the world of triathlon.  Fortunately, I am much, much more mentally healthy now, and I was able to catch myself early on.

    I reminded myself of how I am in control of my happiness.  How much I love to run, How much I love being active, how I discovered my level of happiness on my own because I learned to love myself, and I cut out the parts of my life that were dragging me down.  I have ran more miles in the last month that I have ever ran, and I am back to eating LCHF… and guess what?  I FEEL FUCKING GREAT!

    I don’t know if it’s the mind affecting the body, or the body affecting the mind, or a combination of both.  What I do know is that over the last 2 months, when I stick to LCHF, I feel great, when I eat carbs (crappy processed carbs) I get emotional, down, lose energy, and I just fell “blah”….

    LCFH is here to stay for me.

    Have you tried Low Carb High Fat?  If so – did you experience emotional highs and lows?

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