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Interval training

  • Even though I grew up a competitive swimmer, and swimming comes naturally to me, I haven’t done planned swim workouts in 20 years.  Since I am a pretty good swimmer, I would like to be at my best come race day.  I figure I should be able to be in the front of the pack (FOP) for the age groups, or at the least, the front of the middle of the pack.

    I have been reading a lot on the Triathlon forums about how to be at your best for the swim part of the Ironman triathlon.  Contrary to popular believe, to prepare yourself for a 2.4 mile swim – you do NOT just keep building up endurance.  If you want to go your fastest possible for the 2.4 mile swim, without over doing it – you need to do interval swimming to build up your endurance.

    Interval training

    Swimming interval training involves swimming on a said time.  Let’s say you average 1:00 minute for a 50 yard swim.  If you want to get faster and build up your endurance – the main portion of your workout would be 5 x 50 yards, on the 1:10.  You never rest more than 10 seconds.  After you can do that, you bump it up to 10 x 50 on the 1:10 and so on.  You can do this with 100 or 200 yard swims also.  As you bump up your endurance, you will get faster.  Then you can go to 5 x 50 on the 1:00 minute interval and keep improving from there.

    Good luck with your training.  Please feel free to share your successes below.

    Chad Musgrove

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