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I feel so alive – what a great feeling!

  • Incredible day today.

    I am going to start by telling what I did yesterday, as it really plays into why I feel so great today.

    If you saw my post about Sunday – I felt so great after 90 minutes on the spin bike.  I did my 90 minutes with a good resistence and really got a good burn in.  I felt so great, that I ran 1 mile in 9:51 on the treadmill – immediately after the 90 minutes.   I was very proud, as I really feel I hit a new level.  90 minutes left me pretty sore a couple weeks earlier, but not this time.

    So how did I follow up my awesome, 90 minute ride + 10 minute run?  On Monday I was schedule to run 45 minutes.  I met with someone from my local running group (The South Sound Area Runners on and we decided ahead of time to run 60 minutes.

    We did an incredible loop – I was not watching my pace.  I just had the music going and was running based on how my body felt.  My running party & I finished 6.65 miles in 55 minutes!  An 8:17 pace.  I didn’t hurt.  This was less than 24 hours after the 90 minute bike ride.

    So – back to today.  Today – after the incredible pace yesterday, I was schedule to run another 45 minutes.  I ran 5.5 miles in 48 minutes. An 8:47 pace.  This was on a hilly course after 2 days of hard workouts.

    2 hours after my run, I went to my 1 hour spin class and really kicked but.  We had a new instructor and she pushed us hard.  The best part is – I pushed hard the entire class and walked out of there on top of the world.

    If you are just starting to workout again after a long lay off, or are just now getting into working out….stick with it.  It really pays off, and I promise you will start feeling great soon.

    Please share your success stories in the comments.  I look forward to reading them.

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