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I feel great (after my long bike ride day).

  • Wow,

    I can’t believe how far I have come in only a week.  Looking back at my posts – I see that on 4/4, I hit my first wall.  Today I feel like I climbed that wall – and many others.

    Today was my long bike day.  90 minutes on the bike.  Last week, when I did my 90 minutes, I was pretty sore and tired at the end of it.

    Today, I used the spin bike.  I turned on some good tunes, and was in the dark at my local gym.  I set the resistance fairly high, and was really working up a good sweat.  Next thing I know, 30 minutes have gone by!  What a great feeling.  When time flies like that.

    Another 30 minutes in, I ate my power bar.  I have been trying to eat something while biking or running.  I am doing this to try and get my stomach used to me eating while working out.

    I finished the 90 minutes – jumped off the bike and went to the treadmill.  I ran 1 mile in 9 minutes 51 seconds.  I could have gone further – but since a “brick” was not in the training plan today, and I just finished 90 minutes on the bike, I didn’t want to push it to hard.

    If you are really feeling sore after your workouts, keep it up.  It will all pay off, and  I am confident you will hit a new level and feel great after one of your tough workouts.  This week alone, I ran longer than I ever have, and I felt great after the bike.

    I can’t wait for the next level!

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