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Low Carb High Fat on the cheap

Low Carb High Fat on a Budget
“Back in the day” I used to think that eating Low Carb High Fat would cost a ton of money!  I remember thinking that it has to be more expensive, since I’m now buying steak and fish instead of a bag of 10 frozen burrito’s for $5.00.
I have since […]

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Chad’s Fat Bomb Smoothie

Low Carb High Fat Smoothie:
Please note – The amount of carbs listed in this recipe are factoring in for the fiber in the food. Since Fiber does not affect blood sugar, you can deduct the “grams of fiber” for the grams of carbs to get your net amount. For example – an avocado (which we […]

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Low Carb High Fat Dessert

An AMAZING LCFH Dessert recipe!
This dessert is AMAZING although, for me, these Chocolate Almond Butter Cups were a bit too sweet (my fault, more on that later in the write up).  I am fully fat adapted and EVERYTHING is CRAZY SWEET to me.  When I do eat anything with added sugar, the sweetness is the […]

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My “Healthy” Diet Food Logs

Low Fat High Carb diet effects on my Cholesterol
If you missed it, I just posted the results that 6 months of Low Carb High Fat had on my cholesterol numbers.  I knew that these results would be shocking to all, regardless of whether or not you believe that high cholesterol causes heart disease.
I have no […]

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Low Carb High Fat – 6 month results

For 6 months straight I have started my day with 3-4 eggs (which if scrambled or made as an omelette will have cheese, avocado and sour cream added), 5-7 pieces of bacon, and a cup of coffee with coconut oil added.  I have also consumed 65-70% of my calories from fat.
Before I get to my […]

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