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Just hanging on.

Sometimes I feel as though I’m just barely clinging to my new lifestyle.  I feel the old me pulling like gravity pulling on a climber trying to reach the summit.  It would be so much easier to just let go of the triathlete in me, and not have to worry about where I am going […]

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Incredible story – 40 years old and going to the Olympic Trials.

I wanted to share the story of Steve West, a 40 year old swimmer that will be going to the Olympic Trials for the 100M and 200M breast stroke.
After an incredible career that included qualifying for the Olympic Trials 20 years ago (1992), Steve West is headed back to the Olympic Trials this year.
Both he […]

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Meet O’neill – one of the hardest working guys at my gym.

Tonight (4/27/12), I was doing 90 minutes on the spin bike.  At my club, the spin bikes are in a separate room with a glass wall, so you can see out to the elliptical machines.  I was about 30 minutes in, when I saw this guy with crutches (those short ones that you see crippled people using, […]

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