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First ride since getting snipped

Cycling in Gig Harbor
First off, cycling in and around Gig Harbor, located on the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington State, is a dream come true.  The back roads, and views are second to none.  With all the hills come some great descents.  The drivers (for the most part) are incredibly cyclist friendly.
To get a glimpse of […]

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Should you change to a mid foot or fore foot strike?

The debate never ends.
First – know that I’m not a running coach.  I’m a guy that has done a ton of research on the internet, watch even more videos, and made drastic changes in my stride.  When I write running advice, I’m speaking from personal experience, and from what I’ve learned. Now – the advice:
STOP […]

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Will Qualifying for Boston get me to Kona?

“The Descision” was at first a subconscious one – then it became very conscious.  It happened some time last summer.  I was planning on doing another full Iron Distance Triathlon(the same one I did the year before), but a few weeks before the race, I knew I had not put in the work to accomplish […]

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The never ending heel vs midfoot vs forefoot debate

Proper running technique:
Heel Strike vs Mid-foot Strike vs Forefoot Strike.  What is the proper running technique to minimize injury, maximize efficiency, and increase enjoyment from running?
Just when you thought that all studies pointed towards a more mid-foot / forefoot strike as the answer to all your questions, a new study comes out saying otherwise.  I […]

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Run often – mostly easy, sometimes hard

This is a mantra that I have heard repeated time and time again.  If you want to improve your running times & ability – “run often, mostly easy, sometimes hard.”
Last year – I followed this rule of thumb very well, and saw my 1/2 marathon time drop from a 2:04 to a 1:36.  I was […]

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