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“Fed Up” – my review of the anti sugar movie

Fed Up – Movie Review
Fed Up Movie Trailer
My blood is boiling and I am “Fed Up” with the big companies in America lying to us to make a buck! Anger seems to be the emotion that the producers of Fed Up were going for.  Well, they got it from me.  I AM ANGRY! What might […]

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Should you change to a mid foot or fore foot strike?

The debate never ends.
First – know that I’m not a running coach.  I’m a guy that has done a ton of research on the internet, watch even more videos, and made drastic changes in my stride.  When I write running advice, I’m speaking from personal experience, and from what I’ve learned. Now – the advice:
STOP […]

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A Healthy Runners Diet – MY ASS!

Ughhhh – another article about a “proper” and “healthy” diet – this one specifically for runners.
Pretty much says what we’ve been told for ever.  Eat whole grains, lean meats, lot’s of fruit, dairy products and vegetables.
Let’s face it – runners, especially avid runners can eat whatever the F*ck they want!  They can get away with […]

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Why I went Low Carb High Fat.

I have always had high cholesterol.  Approximately 6 months after separating from my wife in 2011 – I was  overweight, mildly depressed, and drinking too much.  I was 39 ½.  Both my father and grandfather had their first heart attacks in their 40’s.  One day I decided to quit feeling sorry for myself and start […]

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New Personal Best while running.

Quick drive by post here.
Yesterday I went for my long run.  It was a magnificent long run.  I ran 16.22 miles in 2:12:04 (it was actually sub 2:12 but my watch kept going after I hit stop on the timer)….
That’s an 8:09 average pace.  I had several mile splits that were sub 8:00 –
My legs […]

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