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“Fed Up” – my review of the anti sugar movie

Fed Up – Movie Review
Fed Up Movie Trailer
My blood is boiling and I am “Fed Up” with the big companies in America lying to us to make a buck! Anger seems to be the emotion that the producers of Fed Up were going for.  Well, they got it from me.  I AM ANGRY! What might […]

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First ride since getting snipped

Cycling in Gig Harbor
First off, cycling in and around Gig Harbor, located on the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington State, is a dream come true.  The back roads, and views are second to none.  With all the hills come some great descents.  The drivers (for the most part) are incredibly cyclist friendly.
To get a glimpse of […]

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Should you change to a mid foot or fore foot strike?

The debate never ends.
First – know that I’m not a running coach.  I’m a guy that has done a ton of research on the internet, watch even more videos, and made drastic changes in my stride.  When I write running advice, I’m speaking from personal experience, and from what I’ve learned. Now – the advice:
STOP […]

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Mt Si Relay Race Report.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!  This was my first relay event.  There will be more in my future!
The Mount Si Relay was such an awesome event.  It’s a 59 mile, 10 leg relay that requires 5 people per team.  We were in the masters category as our total team age was over 200 years.
My prep for this […]

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A Healthy Runners Diet – MY ASS!

Ughhhh – another article about a “proper” and “healthy” diet – this one specifically for runners.
Pretty much says what we’ve been told for ever.  Eat whole grains, lean meats, lot’s of fruit, dairy products and vegetables.
Let’s face it – runners, especially avid runners can eat whatever the F*ck they want!  They can get away with […]

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