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Am I ready?

  • With my Half Ironman Race this year at the Expedition Man Endurance Festival fast approaching, I’m feeling pretty good.

    For those of you that don’t know – I was going to do the Ultra Triathlon (Ironman) at the festival again.  I really wanted to go back and crush the course because in last years race, I imploded on the run.  7+ hour marathon, not exactly my best effort.

    This year did not go quite as planned.  Car troubles, work troubles and a move in May kind of through my aggressive training goals out of whack.  I was never really able to get anything going.  I had to scrap a couple of planned races.  I had to change from dong the Ultra to doing a Half Ironman.  That was a tough decision, but once I made it, I embraced it.  I started a 6 weeks training plan.  I don’t recommend anyone train for a half Ironman with only 6 weeks to go.  I was able to do it, because of my base fitness level.

    This plan was modified from a normal training plan, in that I did 2 weeks build, 1 week recovery.  I am in my last build week now, and even though I have missed a couple training days here and there, I have stuck to the plan.

    On Saturday I rode 56 miles in 03:02:15.  On Sunday, I swam at a 1:39 pace (for .7 miles) without much effort and then later that day I did a 6 mile run in 48:40 and I negative split almost every mile!

    My conservative goal for this years 1/2 (My first race at that distance) is 05:30:00.  I am pretty much right on pace at this point.  Today will be a big test though, as I have to ride 15 miles (I skipped yesterdays 30 mile ride) and then I have to run 10 miles.  I’m going to do the ride easy, and then run at about race pace (without over doing it).

    The 2 big factors I’m not really adding in now (because I hope they will be offset by adrenaline) is the elevation and the heat.  Lake Tahoe sits at about 6,200 feet of elevation, and I train and live at sea level.  Should be too big a deal, as I lived in Denver for 12 years, and I never have issues when at elevation.  My cardio conditioning is excellent.

    The big one is the heat.  I know this always affects me to the tune of about 1:00 minute per mile in the run.  I just did the Pacific Crest Olympic on June 30th.  That was at about 5,550 feet of elevation, and it was 95 degrees out.  This is similar to what I will face at the Expedition Man.  The run was a 52 minute 6.1 mile run.  Not to bad, but definitely slower than my normal.

    We shall see.  I am feeling mostly ready.  With less than 2 weeks to go – I’m about as ready as I’m going to be.  I have one more long ride this weekend, but otherwise, the building is done.

    I sure hope I build enough.

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