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A Healthy Runners Diet – MY ASS!

  • Ughhhh – another article about a “proper” and “healthy” diet – this one specifically for runners.

    Pretty much says what we’ve been told for ever.  Eat whole grains, lean meats, lot’s of fruit, dairy products and vegetables.

    Let’s face it – runners, especially avid runners can eat whatever the F*ck they want!  They can get away with it.  Most of the very lean runners out there are lean because of running – not because of their diets!  These people could be on a Mon – Wed – Friday Big Mac Diet and still be lean.

    Because of this – I assume this article is aimed at the average runner.  The average Joe (or Jane) that runs for exercise and is probably doing it because they want to lose weight.


    What’s the definition of insanity?  Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    This “healthy” diet has been tried over and over, by a countless number of people, and yet obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease (inflammation), and a vast amount of other health issues still continue to plague our society.

    I was one of the people that ate this “healthy” diet.  The original catalyst for me changing my diet was that I have had high cholesterol for years, I was overweight, I was eating bad and I was mildly depressed.

    I ate “healthy”, switched to whole wheat bread, ate fruits, bought low fat yogurt, ate granola, had lot’s of salads and I WAS HUNGRY ALL THE TIME!  I lost weight (because I worked out like crazy) but, when I went to my doctor after 2 years of eating “healthy”, my cholesterol was virtually the same as when I was on a Big Mac, French Fries, Nachos, Ice Cream, Pizza, Pop, and Beer diet!

    The Problem with this type of “Healthy” Diet

    The main problem is sugar.  The next problem is lack of fat.

    Let’s break down a typical day on a diet like this.  

    Breakfast – a bowl of “healthy” cereal with low fat milk – or oat meal with added fruit.

    Snack – a low fat yogurt or maybe an apple or some fruit.  I used to have a low fat yogurt with some granola in it.

    Lunch – probably a bunch of fruit and a sandwich (on whole grain bread, with a lean meat like turkey) or a big salad (with low fat dressing)

    Snack – more fruit – or maybe another low fat yogurt

    Dinner – A lean meat (chicken, fish, ground turkey) – lot’s of vegetable and some rice, potato’s or bread.  Or maybe spaghetti, with bread and a salad.

    This is a day full of sugar.


    Your healthy cereal – most likely has SUGAR, or maybe you added a natural cane SUGAR to it.  Or maybe you opted for the oatmeal instead.  Oatmeal is loaded with carbohydrates – Carbs turn to SUGAR.  The fruit you added – more SUGAR.  Your low fat milk has SUGAR added (go look, you’ll be shocked how much SUGAR is in milk).


    Your low fat yogurt – full of SUGAR (go check the label).  If you chose fruit instead, guess what? more SUGAR.


    Most likely you had fruit which of course is more SUGAR.  Since that’s not enough food to be called lunch – you had a “healthy” turkey sandwich.  2 slices of bread (no matter what kind) = carbs which convert to SUGAR.  Or perhaps you opted for a salad with low fat dressing.  This option get’s rid of the sugar, but leaves you hungry, and low fat dressing is NOT good for you.


    More fruit = SUGAR.  Maybe another Yogurt – SUGAR.


    Lean meat, vegetables, and rice.  As long as the vegetables are above ground vegetables, this is the best part of the meal.  If they grow underground, they are most likely high on the glycemic index.  Nothing wrong with the lean meat (chicken or fish) – but if it’s all you eat, you are not getting enough fat.  The rice = carbs which turn to SUGAR.


    This “diet” has a ton of SUGAR in it.  Most of the items you eat on a diet like this are high on the glycemic index, or have sugar added.  A lot of items on this diet are low fat, which usually means sugar is added.

    If you are a runner – you probably add a lot more carbs, which equals a lot more SUGAR.  Sure you burn that sugar off when you run, but then you add more.  Every time you eat carbs or sugars, your insulin production spikes.


    The Solution

    A Low Carb High Fat diet.

    LCHF cuts out your intake of sugar to nearly zero.  Something that is nearly impossible to do on what most people perceive to be a “healthy” diet that includes carbs and fruits.

    Our bodies were designed to process fat.  Fat is not bad.  I switched from a low fat high carb diet (which is common among athletes) to a Low Carb High Fat diet approximately 5 months ago.  I was deathly afraid of the effects this would have on my performance (even though I’m an age group athlete).

    So far, I have been pleasantly surprised.  I now run faster, and farther than I did before.  I am up to a 16 mile run on only water.  In the old Carb fueled days, I would have needed to eat a power bar, and 2 of my 4 water bottles on my hydration belt would have been filled with Gatorade, for a run of 16 miles.

    You can follow my progress on this blog.  I will be posting training and race results often.  Next month, I plan to get my blood checked again, and will be posting those numbers.  I will continue this for the foreseeable future, because on LCHF I feel great, I have more energy, and my racing continues to get better and better.

    Are you an advocate of this type of diet?  If so Why?


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