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Low Carb High Fat on the cheap

Low Carb High Fat on a Budget
“Back in the day” I used to think that eating Low Carb High Fat would cost a ton of money!  I remember thinking that it has to be more expensive, since I’m now buying steak and fish instead of a bag of 10 frozen burrito’s for $5.00.
I have since […]

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Chad’s Fat Bomb Smoothie

Low Carb High Fat Smoothie:
Please note – The amount of carbs listed in this recipe are factoring in for the fiber in the food. Since Fiber does not affect blood sugar, you can deduct the “grams of fiber” for the grams of carbs to get your net amount. For example – an avocado (which we […]

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“Fed Up” – my review of the anti sugar movie

Fed Up – Movie Review
Fed Up Movie Trailer
My blood is boiling and I am “Fed Up” with the big companies in America lying to us to make a buck! Anger seems to be the emotion that the producers of Fed Up were going for.  Well, they got it from me.  I AM ANGRY! What might […]

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