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Triathlon - Life's Elixir

My journey into the sport of triathlon has completely transformed me both physically and, more importantly, mentally. Kona is the dream, follow me on my journey, and learn from my mistakes, or be motivated by my successes. #ironmanorbust

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Struggles & Triumphs - Failures & Successes - Wins & Losses.....
the journey will not be easy, but IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!!

My Ironman Training

Post about my Ironman Training that cover lessons learned while training, injuries received while training, and post about individual workouts.

Ironman Stories

Love reading about the successes (or failures) of others that have attempted an Ironman Triathlon. This is a collection of Ironman Stories from around the web.

My Race History

List of Races that I have done, want to do, or that someone has paid me to put on this list. If you are looking for information on a triathlon race, this is the place to find it!

Low Carb High Fat

My venture into the world of nutritional ketosis. The change in diet from a High Carb to a Low Carb High Fat diet was not for the reasons most people do it.

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My n=1 nutritional ketosis study criteria

Nutritional Ketosis “study” criteria
Today begins another study on the effects of nutritional ketosis on MY body.  I achieved ketosis last year after switching to an LCFH diet for that exact […]

Nutritional Ketosis via a ketosis diet

Achieving Nutritional Ketosis
Well I’m back at it, and excited to be back on a ketosis inducing diet!
This time around is going to be a bit different as I am starting […]

Run SKRAT Run!

650 Miles in 120 days!

WTF was I thinking?

I ran a total of 76 miles in January. I also met Carl Gann in January. Carl is the founder of Orphans Africa - a 501c3 non profit organization that builds schools for orphans in Tanzania. I joined on with this great charity, and in an effort to raise awareness for them and hopefully money (96% of all donated funds go directly to the cause) I started "Run SKRAT Run".

650 miles is the distance between the 3 schools in Tanzania that Orphans Africa has built, or is building. I wanted this to be an actual challenge, so I chose a distance that would be tough.

Follow my progress, support the cause, or just give me encouragement at: or
Contact for my number